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A good place to start


As the folk at pbwiki have been good enough to let me play with their new version, the least I can do is give it a try. I'll try and make some useful things available here rather than just ramble on, just in case someone drops by.


If you haven't already seen other uses I have made of pbwiki then take a look at webtools, the studyzone and even studyzone2. My 9-year old is also using pbwiki and may well be demonstrating it to his school as you read this. I would add his link too but I haven't checked what he's done yet!


I may get a chance to show this at a VLE Forum I'm speaking at in a few hours after doing this. What with Windows SkyDrive just coming into view as well it looks like being a busy night. The topic I'll be discussing is The Alternative VLE. If you're interested in that sort of thing then I'll include some links somewhere on this site where you can see some of the simple things people can use to share learning materials, including, of course, this splendid application.




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